Confessions of a Fringe Newbie

As you may have heard through the various “OMG” “AHH” and “GUESS WHAT” conversations with our beloved family and friends, Empty Photo Theatre will be performing for a second time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2014. This video that we released on Facebook a few weeks ago mentions briefly that I haven’t been … Continue reading

The Fringe Aid Kit

It is now official: Empty Photo Theatre are taking Chris is Dead to Edinburgh and will be performing at theSpace on the Mile (Venue 39), 1st  – 9th August at 5pm. This is our second visit to the Edinburgh Fringe, but it’s the first time we will be in front of a paying audience: scary … Continue reading

Och Aye Mon

Although there were lots of great points raised in the reviews, one of the pieces of criticism that Chris is Dead received was just plain bizarre: one reviewer said that the character Mac was a stereotype because he was an alcoholic Scot. Ridiculous racism aside, the criticism riled me because it was so reductionist: Mac was going … Continue reading

The Sheer Potential

Happy New Year one and all, and thank you for your support and readership!  On behalf of myself, Harry and Jules, we wish you a lovely year filled with joy, hilarity, timely public transport and excellent wardrobe choices. It’s a lovely time of year, isn’t it?  The idea of a fresh start, however dependent it … Continue reading

Einstein Had A Day Job

There is, as Bill Shakespeare quite rightly pointed out, a tide in the affairs of men.  In this day and age, the affairs that men (and women) seem most concerned about are their careers, and the economic tide is making everybody feel pretty seasick. People working in the arts have especial cause to be turning … Continue reading

Getting to Know You: Episode 2

Hello one and all! I’m Julia (known as Jules), and it is with great pleasure that I write this as Empty Photo’s newest member. I will be Marketing and Administration Officer as part of a placement for my final year of my BA (Hons) Drama degree from the University of Northampton. It is in most … Continue reading

Writer’s Hurdle

I am currently being visited by that unpredictable and difficult-to-shift bastard, writer’s block.  The fact that I’m writing at this very moment is of no comfort: I’ll probably give up on this post in about five minutes when I realise that I’m waffling a load of nonsense.  At the moment I keep starting to write … Continue reading

Sunday, Bloody (Hell, it’s Already) Sunday

With a mere four days to go til Chris is Dead is performed at the Etcetera Theatre as part of Camden Fringe 2013, the pressure is on for this blog post to be the mother of all marketing devices. Alright, let’s do this: why do I want people to see this play?  For all sorts of reasons: … Continue reading

(Rehearsal) Space: The Final Frontier

Probably the thing I have learnt that most sticks in my mind since joining Empty Photo back in April is how difficult finding rehearsal space in London is. It’s even harder to find decent rehearsal space which isn’t above a kebab shop in Camden, and it’s even harder to find decent, free rehearsal space in London, the … Continue reading

As Different as Chalk and…Slightly Different Chalk

Towards the beginning of our beautiful friendship, Empty Photo Operations Manager Harry Kinsley and I went to the Hampstead Downstairs to see a play called Hello/Goodbye.  It was a touching, engaging and amusing piece of theatre that left us both with a warm, fuzzy feeling, and if it ever comes on again, I highly recommend it … Continue reading