“Date Night”


Date Night was a series of three short minute pieces that were performed at the Etcetera Theatre on Wednesday 16th April 2014.

Heels and Hippos

Everyone’s playing a slightly different variation of the same game, so nobody knows the rules.  My game is different to yours.”

“That’s for sure.  You’re playing Battleships.”

Everyone knows that the dating game IS a game, but who decides the rules?  Amy and Sarah are old friends with no new ideas, but which of their very different approaches is the best one to use?

Hannah Webster
Aislinn De’Ath

Irresistibly Drained

“I believe in saying “no” to a seventh round of drinks.  I believe in catching the last tube home, and I believe in not kissing somebody just because they’re there.  Self-control.”  

Two friends, two sides of a very messy story and far too much alcohol…this friendship has become something else without Trish or Ben noticing, but the question is where on earth is it going now?

Robert Boulton
Lauren Baino

Brendan Behan Would Understand

“I want to tell you the truth, but I’m not going to.  The truth is no good to anyone.”

Pouring your heart out is never easy, especially when your well-meaning friend keeps chipping in with random quotations.  Patrick and David argue, philosophise and even question the wisdom of Stephen Fry, but can either of them get to the truth?

Jon Cottrell
John MacCormick

Originally shown as part of Tiny Dog Productions’ Theatre Breaks Showcase, June 2012

“The twenty minutes seemed like seconds. Certainly ones to watch.” – Annexe Magazine


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  1. […] are rehearsing for a show on Wednesday called Date Night, which is a series of three short pieces about relationships and how bad Generation Y is at them. […]

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